2022 Summit on Human Dignity


Monday, February 28 through Thursday, March 10, 2022


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    Part of the transformational experience that is Jesuit education is to start young men and women on an early path to awareness of social issues and current affairs, and to teach them how to become advocates for social justice and positive change in the world. At Brophy, the annual Summit on Human Dignity (modeled after those most often seen at colleges and universities and organized by Brophy's Office of Faith and Justice) highlights an issue or topic that is particularly relevant and informs students on its nuances, as well as its social and political ramifications.

    Thursday, March 3, is Workshop Day. Thank you to all of our presenters — we are grateful!
    Native SolidarityEd KabotieHopi Tribe
    Let Our Ancestors RestMarina ThomasLet Our Ancestors Rest
    Phoenix PD Community ResponseSgt. Larry Dodson and Nikki HicksPhoenix Police Department
    Indiginize the WorldCooperIndiginize the World
    Indigenous HealthHimmita Hixson RamseyPhoenix Indian Medical Center
    How Do I Get Clean Water?Andrea Odegard-BegayHazen and Sawyer
    Indiginize, Amplify, VisualizeEunique Yazzie, Melody LewisCahokia 
    Perspective: We the Resilient...Shane AntonSRPIC
    Introduction to Environmental JusticeMasavi PereaChispa Arizona
    Recycling: the MechanicsEric MacDonaldCity of Phoenix
    Los ZanjerosJake Kelly, Jared ReasyBrophy Prep
    Heaven on Earth: Strengthening Our Relationship With GodColumba Sainz, Patti Sills-TrauschEcomadres/Franciscan Renewal Center
    The Big Picture: A Holistic Approach to Ending HomelessnessJennifer KiernanSaving Amy
    Welcome to America: Housing for RefugeesMike SullivanWelcome to America Project
    The Cost of Planting Roots: What It Takes to Buy a HouseChris RamseyBrophy Prep
    Serving the Unhoused: What Can We Really Do?Michele Vanderlin, Christian JohnsenPsychiatric Crisis Facility
    Water in Arizona: Sacred but Scarce...Gary NabhanUniversity of Arizona and OEF
    Ozanam Manor: Aiding Those Most VulnerableAlexandra NazzaroOzanam Manor, St. Vincent de Paul
    Immigration and Law EnforcementMargarita SilvaSilva and Fontes Attorney at Law
    BLM and Immigration in PhoenixRay Ybarro MaldonadoYbarro Maldonado Law Group
    Punishments and ProfitJohn R. DaceyAbolish Private Prisons
    A Pathway to Address "Over Policing and Under Protecting"Joe Smelter, Ben HenryRetired Phoenix PD
    "Deportation Nation: the Enduring Appeal of Sheriff Joe"Documentary ScreeningAtlantic Studios
    The Effects of Race on Migration and EducationBrophy StudentsBrophy Advocacy Club
    A Tour of Phoenix's Historical NeighborhoodsRoger BrevoortTRU Historical
    The History of PhoenixSteve SchumacherLocal Historian
    The Revitalization of DowntownDevney PreussDTPHX
    An Interfaith Look at PhoenixBrophy StudentsBrophy Interfaith Coalition
    Standing for ChildrenRebecca GauStand for Children

    The 2022 Summit on Human Dignity | Phoenix: Born of Ashes includes eight tracks: Environment and Sustainability, Land Use, Indigenous Rights, Migration, Politics, Education, Unhoused in the Heat and Police and Incarceration. 


    (You can also click the links at the bottom of this page to visit each track's homepage.)

    This year’s Summit will address four important questions related to our theme, Phoenix: Born of Ashes:

    1. What are the causes of inequity and injustice in our city? What are the sources of hope?
    2. How can we expand our sense of neighborliness toward all members of our local community?
    3. How do the different issues challenging human dignity in Phoenix influence and intersect with one another?
    4. What actions can we take to make the Phoenix area a better place for all its people, especially those now on the margins of our society?

    Heavenly Father, you created this world, even the very land on which our city resides. We give you thanks for this place, and we ask you for the strength and wisdom to build and rebuild our city so that it is a place where your love may flow ever more freely.

    Lord Jesus Christ, you conquered death with your Resurrection, rising from the grave to new life. Help us to conquer the spirit of death where it lurks in our city and in ourselves. When the systems and structures of our place and time have told us that doing your will is impossible, raise our hope up again from the ashes. Help us to walk in confidence knowing that you are at our side.

    Holy Spirit, you moved the prophets to speak out and you stir in all of us. Give us tongues of fire so we may speak the truth of your justice in our city for all to hear. As you seek to move in this world, in this city, we pray that you will find in us a spirit not hardened like Pharaoh’s, but eager to move with you.

    God, grant us today wisdom to find ways to deliver your message, eternal and as you make it ever new in our place and time, for our community to learn and to grow in a faith made real by loving action.

    Saint Ignatius of Loyola, pray for us.

    In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


    Feb. 2810 a.m.Opening Mass/Prayer Service
    March 110 a.m.Keynote No. 1
    March 38 a.m.Keynote No. 2
    March 3Workshop Day
    March 41 p.m.Hike the Summit
    March 710 a.m.Keynote No. 3
    Classroom Integration
    March 1010 a.m.Closing Prayer Service
  • > 2022 SUMMIT: THE VIDEO

    For a humorous look back at what the founding of Phoenix may have looked like, visit the Summit video page.
True to our Jesuit charism of the service of faith and the promotion of justice, the Brophy community continues its annual Summit on Human Dignity this year by focusing on our place in the world – our specific place: the city of Phoenix. While talk of social, economic, racial, and environmental justice can sometimes become abstract, Brophy seeks to commit itself through this Summit to living out our incarnational faith in an incarnational way. Just as God became man in Christ and was born into a specific time and place, we are called to find the ways that God wants to move in us and pour out His timeless love in the specific context of the greater Phoenix area in which we members of the Brophy community reside. In so doing, we are grateful for the collaboration and support of our many local partners who are participating in this Summit. Together, we hope to commit ourselves more deeply to the continual betterment of our city; strengthen our connections with others working for the common good here; and contribute to a more just, more equitable, and more loving Phoenix oriented toward the Catholic ethical imperative of the preferential option for the poor, and God’s will for the whole human family as we live the faith that does justice.