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Brophy Community Foundation
Alumni Service Corp
Main phone: (602) 264-5291
Main Fax: (602) 266-3642
Admissions Office Fax: (602) 235-9420
Activities Office Fax: (602) 294-6055
Principal’s Office Fax: (602) 234-1669
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6248 Rev. Edward A. Reese, S.J., M.A., S.T.M., M.Div. President
6310 Mr. Bob Ryan, M.Ed, M.A. Principal
6266 Ms. Adria Renke, B.A. Vice President
6351 Mrs. Carol Ford, B.S. Controller
6430 Mr. A. Joseph Helm, B.A. Director of Planned Giving
6365 Mrs. Patti Franz, M.A. Director of Development
6222 Rev. William H. Muller, S.J., M.Div. Director of Adult Faith Formation
6442 Rev. Philip Postell, S.J., M. Div., M.A., Ph.D., Director of Alumni Relations
6306 Mr. James Bopp, M.A. Assistant Principal for Technology
and Instruction
6362 Mr. Paul Fisko, M.A.T., M.A., M.St. Assistant Principal for Ministry
6244 Mr. Patrick Higgins, B.A. Dean of Students
6491 Ms. Kendra Krause, Ed.M. Director, Loyola Academy
6293 Mr. Seamus Walsh, M. Ed. Assistant Principal for Curriculum
and Instruction
6359 Mr. Bill Woods, M.Ed Athletic Director
6338 Mr. Tony Oldani , M.A. Director of Scheduling & Student Activities
6357 Mr. Michael T. Ward, B.A. Director of Admissions
6253 Mrs. Sherri Stephens Director of Facilities and Food Services
Brophy Community Foundation
6500 Mrs. Genny Matteucci, B.S. Executive Director
6521 Mrs. Dawn Kennedy, B.S., J.D. Director of Corporate Tax Credit
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6284 Mr. Christopher Agliano,M.A. Religious Studies
6284 Mr. Frank Antonioli, M.A. Social Studies
6490 Mr. Forrest Ashby, M.F.A., M.S.W. Loyola Academy
6284 Mr. Ian Aston, M. Ed. Mathematics
6284 Ms. Chabli Balcom, B.A., M.S. World Languages
6284 Mrs. Kimberly Baldwin, M.Div. Religious Studies
6284 Mr. Philip Birgenheir, B.S., M.Ed. Mathematics
6306 Mr. James Bopp, M.A. Science
6373 Mr. Oscar Borboa, ’05, B.A. College Counseling
6284 Mr. Tim Broyles, M.Ed. Religious Studies
6284 Mr. Kevin Burke, B.S. Science
6284 Mr. John Burns, M.A. Social Studies
6439 Mr. Pete Burr, B.A. Digital Media
6447 Ms. Katie Cardinali, B.A. College Counseling
6284 Ms. Monica Castaneda, M. Ed. Mathematics
6406 Ms. Elizabeth Clarke, M.Ed. English/Religious Studies
6425 Mr. Blair Cook, B.S. Information Technology Administrator
6284 Mr. Richard Cordova, B.A. World Languages
6284 Mr. Doug Cox, M. Ed Mathematics
6284 Mrs. Deborah Cronin, B.F.A., J.D. Fine Arts
6284 Mr. John Damaso, ’97, M.A. English
6284 Mr. Thomas Danforth, ’78, M.Ed. English
6284 Mr. Thomas Donlan, M.A., Ph.D. Religious Studies
6284 Mrs. Dorothy Dunnion, M.S. English
6362 Mr. Paul Fisko, M.A.T., M.A., M.St. Religious Studies
6440 Mr. Anthony Fuller, M.Ed. Physical Education
6522 Mr. Gary Galante, B.S. Physical Education
6284 Mr. James Grindey, M.A. Religious Studies
6284 Ms. Kelly Guffey, B.I.S., M.P.A. Social Studies
6284 Ms. Hollie Haycock, M.A. Classical Languages
6355 Mr. Scott Heideman, B.A.E. Physical Education
6284 Mr. Matt Hooten, M. Ed. Social Studies
6246 Mr. Wess Housh, C.C.N.A. Network Administrator
6448 Mr. Ryan Hubbell, M.A. Social Studies
6284 Mr. Bill Kalkman, M.Ed. Science
6284 Ms. Lauren Karp, M.A. English
6284 Ms. Deborah Kauffman, M.A. English
6284 Mr. Marc Kelly, ’87, B.A. Fine Arts
6490 Ms. Jessica Keough, B.S. Loyola Academy
6328 Mr. Joseph R. Klein, ’86, M.A. Social Studies
6284 Mr. Patrick Kolb, M.S. Science
6491 Ms. Kendra Krause, Ed.M. Loyola Academy
6284 Ms. Cheryl Lenox, M. Ed, M.S. Science
6284 Mr. Noah Lewkowitz, ’98, M. Arch. Fine Arts
6284 Mr. Jose Leyba, ’94, B.A. World Languages
6284 Mr. Thomas Mar, B.S., B.A., M.Ed. Religious Studies
6377 Mr. Gil Martinez, B.A., M.Ed. College Counseling
6284 Ms. Jessica Mason, M.A. Mathematics
6284 Mrs. Susan Maynard, B.A., J.D. English
6284 Mrs. Patricia Bayham Mazier, M. Ed. Science
6284 Mr. Andy Mazzolini, M.A. Science
6527 Ms. Megan McDonald, M.Div. Religious Studies
6284 Mr. Lane M. McShane, ’82, M.Ed. English
6284 Mr. Jose E. Mendoza, ’88, B.A. World Languages
6438 Mr. Scott Middlemist, ’87, M.Ed. English
6280 Mr. Andrew Molander, B.A. Social Studies
6286 Mr. Mica Mulloy, ’99, M.Ed. Fine Arts
6284 Mr. Ian Munro, M.A. World Languages
6338 Mr. Tony Oldani, M.A. Social Studies
6216 Rev. Harry T. Olivier, S.J., M.A.Th., M.A.Ph Religious Studies
6363 Mr. Paul Olson, M.A. Fine Arts
6284 Mr. Patrick O’Neill, M.Ed. Mathematics
6292 Mrs. Karen Parise, M.C. Counseling
6284 Mr. Perry Petrich, S.J., M.A. English
6264 Mr. Mark Pettit, B.S. Systems Administrator
6284 Mr. Austin Pidgeon, B.A. English
6284 Mr. Christopher Ramsey, M.Ed. World Languages
6310 Mr. Bob Ryan, M.Ed., M.A. Loyola Academy
6215 Mr. Timothy Sanford, M.A. Mathematics
6339 Mr. Andrew G. Schmidbauer, ’88, M.Ed. World Languages
6374 Mr. Brad Shear, M.Ed., M.C. Physical Education
6284 Mr. Jon Shores, M.Ed Religious Studies
6398 Mr. Steve Smith, ’96, M.A., M.Ed. English
6284 Ms. Catharine Steffens, M.A. World Languages
6284 Mr. Chris Stevens, ’85, M.A. Mathematics
6284 Deacon Joseph Stickney, M.Div, M.Ed. Religious Studies
6272 Mr. Thomas Succow, B.A., M.Ed College Counseling
6490 Mr. Joe Tamer, B.S., M.S., M.Ed. Loyola Academy
6284 Mr. John Taylor , B.A. Mathematics
6284 Ms. Breanne Toshner, B.S. Mathematics
6284 Mr. Jose Ramon Tusell, B.S., Ph.D. Science
6284 Mr. Chad Unrein, M. FA English
6371 Ms. Kalli Vaughan, B.A., M.Ed. College Counseling
6284 Mrs. Kristin Venberg, B.S., M.Ed. Social Studies
6293 Mr. Seamus Walsh, M. Ed. English
6357 Mr. Michael T. Ward, B.A. Social Studies
6284 Mr. Michael Welty, ’83, B.S . Science
6284 Mr. Leo Werner, B.A., M.A. Fine Arts
6271 Mr. Christopher White, M.S., A.T.C. Health Education, Sports Medicine
6284 Mr. Zachary Widbin, B.A. Science
6284 Mr. Matt Williams, ’07, B.A. Social Studies
6359 Mr. William Woods, M.Ed Mathematics
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6241 Mr. Gabe Campbell, ’10, B.A. Office of Faith and Justice
6358 Mr. Cooper Davis, ’10, B.A. Loyola Academy, English
6358 Mr. Karl Heiland, ’10, B.A. Office of Faith and Justice, Social Studies
6490 Mr. Brock Kloeber, ’10, B.A. Loyola Academy
6490 Mr. Jonathan Londono, ’10, B.A. Office of Faith and Justice
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6244 Mrs. Theresa Angus Assistant to the Dean of Students
Ms. Kay Ayers
Varsity Shop Coordinator
6227 Rev. E. Louis Bishop, S.J., M.A. Special Assistant for Facilities and Technology
6294 Mr. John Buchanan Security Director
6311 Ms. Sue Casaway President’s Office Assistant
6425 Mr. Blair Cook Information Technology Administrator
6260 Mrs. Debbie Corwin Assistant to the Director of Facilities & Food Services
6422 Ms. Susan DeLozier Chapel Coordinator
6285 Ms. Sandra Dennard Assistant for Student Activities
6518 Mr. Mike Elgines Technical Support Specialist
6352 Mrs. Leslie Hanson Associate Librarian
6289 Mrs. Susann Hornbeck Assistant to the Assistant Principal for Ministry
6246 Mr. Wess Housh Network Administrator
6531 Mrs. Shawna Khan Accounts Payable Coordinator
6200 Ms. Jennifer Lewis Director of Special Events/Finance
6443 Ms. Vicki Maus Assistant to Director of Alumni Relations
6229 Mrs. Ellen McCoy Accounts Receivable Coordinator
6260 Mrs. Yvette Mulligan Assistant to the Dean of Students
6265 Ms. Donna Nelson Registrar – ext. 6231
6481 Mrs. Mary Novak Assistant to the Counseling Department
6401 Mrs. Darcy Ohman Accounting Manager
6490 Mrs. Sally Ortega-Bravo Administrative Assistant, Loyola Academy
6264 Mr. Mark Pettit Systems Administrator
Ms. Andrea Pierre
Varsity Shop Coordinator
6233 Mrs. Shelly Scheuring Assistant Director of Admissions
6212 Ms. Stephanie M. Stefani Communications
6291 Ms. Ann Thomson Special Events Coordinator
6248 Mrs. Terri Tierney Assistant to the President & Vice President
6310 Mrs. Ann Wolf Assistant to the Principal

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