Brophy College Preparatory encourages students to find their voices as they journey toward the ideals of the Grad at Graduation: being open to growth, intellectually competent, loving, religious, and committed to doing justice. Finding their voices through the written word, as well as art and photography, is one way Brophy students learn, grow, and commit themselves to being Men for Others.

The Roundup

The Roundup is Brophy's award-winning student newspaper, and was recently featured in the Journalism Education Association's quarterly magazine. In addition to its online presence, The Roundup staff publishes five print editions yearly. Mr. Mica Mulloy '99 moderates The Roundup. For more information on The Roundup, please click the link below.


Brophy Arts and Literary Magazine (BLAM)

A creative tour de force of students' artistic and literary accomplishments, BLAM publishes a yearly magazine, as well as online offerings throughout the year. BLAM is moderated by Mr. John Damaso '97 and Mr. Austin Pidgeon '08. For more information on BLAM, please click the link below.


The Wrangler

The Wrangler, Brophy's satire newspaper, reimagines the news with wit, whimsy, and "who, what, when, where, and why not." The Wrangler is moderated by Mr. John Damaso '97 and Mr. Steve Smith '96. For more information on The Wrangler, please click the link below.


Write Life

Write Life, Brophy's creative writing club, has a compilation of short stories available. Write Life gives students the opportunity to experiment with different forms of fiction and to give and receive feedback on their work. Ms. Jess Mason moderates Write Life. For more information on Write Life and Write Life Short Stories, click the link below.


The Tower

Brophy's yearbook is called The Tower and includes an expansive look at student life, including academics, sports, spiritual activities, co-curriculars, and major school events. Students create and produce The Tower - taking pictures, developing design elements, and using an online computer program to create spreads. The Tower is moderated by Mr. Joe Klein '86.