January through June: Students should take the SAT and/or ACT a MINIMUM of one time.  By June, all rising seniors should have taken at least ONE of these standardized tests. It is recommended that students try both tests since they are different tests which test different abilities.

Students planning on applying to selective universities should take SAT Subject Tests, ideally in June.


September through December: Students should take either the ACT or SAT at least one more time if they haven’t done so already. Statistics show that students are likely to improve their score on both tests if they take it a second time.

Seniors who haven’t taken SAT Subject tests should take those no later than December (October for EA/ED applicants).
The College Board website offers in-depth descriptions, sample questions, and practice tests for all Subject Tests. This is a great way to explore the tests and decide which one is the right fit. It is not worth finding a tutor for Subject Tests.

The best way to prepare for any ACT, SAT or Subject test is to PRACTICE! Make sure that your son is practicing with real tests that come from ACT or SAT (aka “disclosed tests”—they are available to download for free on www.collegeboard.com or www.act.org, or Khan Academy (www.Khanacademy.org). Practice under real testing conditions – no food or drink, timed, quiet with no cell phones.

Get a good night of sleep for FOUR nights leading up to testing day! Consider this if your son is planning a summer immersion trip or Magis/Kairos retreat. Look ahead at test dates and what events/activities are on the Brophy calendar.