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Brophy's UofA Admissions Counselor
If you have any questions about UofA or the application process, contact Ms. Karen Feltz at or (602) 827-2197
Brophy's UofA Honors College Admissions
For information, contact Ms. Jenni Keatseangslip at or (520) 626-8261.
Visit the University of Arizona Undergraduate Admissions website for everything you need to know about academics, admissions, and financial aid.

NOTE: Some programs or colleges may require additional application information and/or admission requirements.

If students apply to those programs and do not meet the additional qualifications, they will be offered admission in another program for which they qualify. A complete list of undergraduate majors and degree programs is available online. Estimating the likelihood of admission is very difficult without considering the complete application file. Thus, it is crucial for applicants to carefully complete the process by providing timely, comprehensive, and accurate information.