Throughout the year, primarily in the fall, a variety of colleges and universities visit our campus. Many of these visits take place during the school day. To ensure no student is missing too many classes, we ask seniors to choose five schools and juniors to choose three. 
  • A list of colleges and universities, with the time, date, and the representative’s name will be listed in Naviance.

  • Log onto Naviance. If you have forgotten your password, email your counselor.

  • On the Student Folder page, to the left, is a list of options.

  • Click on Visitation Schedule. This will give you a list of all the schools planning to visit our campus, the time, and the date. By clicking “sign up” next to the school of your choice you have the ability to sign up for that visit. Once you sign up, you will receive email verification.

  • You MUST show your teacher the email confirmation two school days prior to the visit to receive clearance and then again the day of the visit in order to be released from class. Your teacher may or may not give you permission to attend depending on what is taking place during class that day.

  • On the day of the visit, come directly to the counseling department to sign in for the visit.

  • After completing the visit, you MUST return to the Dean’s Office to get a pass. You must then go to class. The counselor will present the Dean’s Office with a sign-in sheet of those students who attended the visit.
An accounting will be kept to insure students are adhering to the amount of visits allowed.

Brophy/Xavier Annual College Fair

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 • Harper Great Hall

College representatives, please register here 
if you would like to participate.