Horsepower, Brophy's Sports Magazine

Each year, the Dads' Club produces a comprehensive, full-color sports magazine and program called Horsepower. Revenue from advertising sales generates approximately $40,000 each year. Proceeds go directly back into the Brophy community to benefit a wide range of activities including sports, art, music, theatre, the sciences, and more. The 2016-2017 edition has been published; however, please consider supporting the magazine when we open ad sales for the 2017-2018 issue. Advertisers, thank you for your continued generosity in allocating some of your marketing dollars to Brophy's Horsepower Magazine!

Gary Stickell
Sports Program Chairman, Brophy Dads’ Club
602-266-2622 |

Jerry Black
Sports Program Co-chair, Brophy Dads' Club

Why Advertise?

The Brophy Dads’ Club uses net proceeds from this sports program to serve the entire Brophy community. Last year we funded a new speaker system for the baseball stadium, pool training equipment, and records board. We also donated a substantial amount toward the construction of the new pool and renovation of the parking surface at Manresa, Brophy’s retreat center in Oak Creek Canyon. For a complete list of improvements, acquisitions, and donations made by the Dads' Club, including completion of the Father Anton J. "Sam" Renna Financial Aid Endowment, please follow this link.

Each Horsepower magazine includes a complete advertiser index with your business name, page number, website, and/or telephone number.


  • Exclusive Football Ticket Supporter $3750
  • Exclusive Basketball Ticket Supporter $2750
  • Exclusive Weekly Roster Back Cover Insert $2500
  • Two-Page Premium Spread $2750
  • Back Cover Premium Position $2250
  • Inside Front Cover $1950
  • Inside Back Cover $1950
  • Full Page Ad $1450
  • 1/2 Page Ad $850
  • 1/4 Page Ad $450
  • 1/8 Page Ad $250