Brophy offers many opportunities to faculty and students for spiritual growth and renewal. These retreat experiences are provided at no cost to students and occur throughout the year, most at Brophy's Manresa Retreat in Oak Creek Canyon, Ariz. 

Retreats are an essential part of the Brophy experience. They offer an opportunity to get closer to yourself and your peers, and to become more aware of the work of God and the friendship of Jesus Christ. Whether it is participating in the Freshman Retreat during one of your first weekends as a Bronco or going on Kairos as a senior, the retreats at Brophy are fun, eye-opening, and a great chance to find yourself in the midst of your busy life.


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  • Freshman Retreat >

    At the beginning of the year, Brophy freshmen participate in an overnight retreat intended to introduce them to the community, to upperclassmen, and to the Jesuit idea of “Men for Others.” The retreat consists of a service opportunity, a group dinner at an upperclassman’s home, spending the night at Brophy with other freshmen, and a concluding  Mass that families are encouraged to attend.
  • Kairos >

    The Kairos Retreat begins after school on Tuesday and ends early on a Friday evening. There are three or four Kairos Retreats each year for seniors exclusively with a final two or three of the year for Juniors who will help carry on the tradition the following year.
    Each retreat is led by a team composed of six seniors who have made Kairos and six faculty/staff members. The activities on Kairos are used to promote and build community, to foster trust and openness, and to encourage reflection. The key themes are: knowing oneself, discovering Jesus in a personal way, recognizing and responding to Jesus’s call, and living the message of Christ.

    Each retreatant is encouraged to grow in awareness of the countless opportunities to meet God in our world, especially in others. There are many Ignatian values that naturally flow from the experience of Kairos. Each retreatant learns that he is loved, lovable, and loving. The retreatant comes to see Jesus in a new light, as a real friend, loving and calling him.

    Reflection is prominent throughout the retreat.  In the course of the retreat there is a strong, gradual building of community. This supports the retreatants during the retreat and also in the follow-up period. The reality of this often shows up in the school where visible, loving dimensions of community appear. Ignatius’s motto, “Love is shown in deeds more than words,” is a Kairos theme. The critical final phase of the retreat and the follow-ups stress putting love into action.

    To sign up for a 2017-2018 Kairos Retreat, click here.
  • Magis >

    The Magis Retreat is offered to first-semester juniors and second-semester Sophomores. Magis allows juniors and sophomores the opportunity to discuss masculine spirituality and Ignatian spirituality as they continue their journey of becoming men with and for others. The retreat also looks to assist young men as they begin the transition into roles of personal responsibility and leadership. The retreat takes place at Manresa and runs from Wednesday afternoon to Friday afternoon.

    To sign up for a 2017-2018 Magis Retreat, click here.
  • Threshold Retreat >

    The Threshold Retreat offers graduating seniors a final opportunity for prayer, reflection, and fun at Manresa. This retreat is focused on the experience of transition, leaving behind a place and an experience that has had great meaning, and moving onto something unfamiliar. The Threshold Retreat also begins to explore the meaning of true vocation and how young men can use simple tools of discernment as they embark on their college career to help guide and deepen their college experience.
    • Kairos Retreat at Brophy

      Kairos Retreat at Brophy's Manresa Retreat House