Jesuits at Brophy

Steeped in Jesuit history and tradition, Brophy introduces its students to Ignatian Spirituality and the importance of vocation by way of interaction with current Jesuits at all stages of formation. Many novices, scholastics, and regents have received formation in, and provided service to the Brophy community. Our ordained Jesuits provide leadership to the school and also minister to the community in spiritual and sacramental life. The Jesuits of Saint Francis Xavier Church and Brophy’s Jesuits work and live together to provide an increased Jesuit presence and additional capacity to serve our communities.


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The Wolf and Kettle Club 

Since its inception, the name Loyola was represented by wolves and a kettle. The words "Lobo y Olla" in Spanish mean literally "wolf and kettle." The wolf, in those days, stood for nobility and the design, as a whole, represented generosity. The Loyolas were so generous, tradition holds, that even wolves might feast copiously after the whole community had been satisfied. Thus, even before his change of heart towards a life for Christ, Ignatius was raised in a family famous for its care of those in its charge.
In that same spirit, the "Wolf and Kettle Club" seeks to provide spiritual and educational nourishment to Brophy students through invitational and organized story-telling sessions where Jesuits, other Religious, and Ignatian lay partners express the powerful connection between the needs of the world and the hope for increased vocations to the Society of Jesus or other ordained ministry in the Church. Our Brophy students who care deeply about issues of faith and justice may very well be the next Jesuits or other spiritual leaders who are totally committed to giving of themselves to address problems of human dignity and need all over the world. 
    • Faculty Member – Science Department; School Chaplain

      Fr. Juan Pablo Marrufo del Toro, SJ

      Faculty Member – Science Department; School Chaplain

    • Faculty Member – English Department, Director of Faith Formation

      Mr. Bryce Deline, SJ

      Faculty Member – English Department, Director of Faith Formation

We are also deeply grateful for the support of St. Francis Xavier
Fr. Robert Fambrini, SJ,
and all the Jesuit clergy of the SFX community,
for their ongoing
support of the Brophy community.