2021 Summit on Human Dignity:
Challenging Racism

The 2021 Summit on Human Dignity is March 1-11.
More information can be found on the Summit website.

The Summit

Part of the transformational experience that is Jesuit education is to start young men and women on an early path to awareness of social issues and current affairs, and to teach them how to become advocates for social justice and positive change in the world. At Brophy, the annual Summit on Human Dignity (modeled after those most often seen at colleges and universities) highlights an issue that is particularly relevant and informs students on its nuances, as well as its social and political ramifications.

Brophy hopes to graduate young men of conscience, conviction and compassion who will one day use their voices, as well as their votes, to influence and effect beneficial change in the world for those most in need of justice and equality.

Summit on Human Dignity 2021:
Challenging Racism

March 1 through March 11, 2021
A forum to examine systemic racism in America and promote anti-racism in light of the Gospels' call to respect and foster the human dignity of every person.

Visit the Summit website for the Mission Statement and more.