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Forming Men for Others is truly the most solemn of undertakings. Since 1928, eager young men — your sons, nephews, brothers, fathers, uncles, and grandfathers — have begun Brophy College Preparatory, assured that they will receive the finest academic education. In the four years these young men attend Brophy, the scholastic focus gradually becomes the continuing formation of religious, just, loving, open, and intelligent young men.

The members of the Brophy Legacy Society understand this. For 78 years Brophy has kept a promise to the Phoenix metropolitan area to graduate young men who have been formed in the Jesuit tradition as Men for Others. A promise makes somebody expect something. A promise is an assurance that something will be done. Brophy’s rich tradition and heritage have become Brophy’s promise. Thousands of Brophy alumni and current students represent the living legacy and tradition of that promise.

Brophy is deeply grateful to the members of the Brophy Legacy Society, who have made provisions for Brophy in their wills or trusts. These generous people affirm that developing Men for Others is something worth passing on. If you share this belief, please consider making a planned gift through your will or estate plan. Maybe you have already done so. If so, would you be willing to let us know?

If you have questions,
please contact Mrs. Jenny Lewis in the President's Office.
602-264-5291, ext. 6248

Legacy Society Members

Mr. David Aguayo
Frank J. Bannigan Estate
Mr. Benjamin M. Bethel '89
Agnes Breen Estate
Ray Boley Estate
Mrs. Mabel Cahill*
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Calihan '65
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert W. Chester
Colcord Estate
Florence Cover Estate
Robert C. Dodt Estate
Leo J. and Jayne S. Dominguez Trust
Ewers Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Franz
Mrs. Ann Graham
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Graham '75
Rev. John J. Hanley
Mrs. Katherine S. Harris and Mr. John D. Harris*
Mr. David W. Hickie and Mrs. Anne Hickie*
Mrs. Andrea L. Howard*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hudak
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Inderrieden '57
Mr. MIchael P. Keahon
Mrs. Anne Kunkel & Mr. John F. Kunkel '65*
Mr. and Mrs. Casey Lenox
Ms. Sophia Maloney*
Ms. Mary K. and Mr. Bernard P. Menard
Mr. Charles N Mathewson
Mr. Patrick J. McGroder III
The Mercado Trust
Anne E. Moschel Trust
Mr. Peter W. Nauert*
Ms. Anastasia Nealon*
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ponce de Leon
Ms. Adria E. Renke
Mr. Robert Russell
Mrs. Marguerite Smith*
Mr. John L. Strittmatter and Mrs. Pat Ganser
Mr. Thomas E. Trollope*

* deceased