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IRA Rollover Gifts

Under tax law changes approved by the Federal Government in December 2010, continuing what was established with the Pension Protection Act of 2006, individuals are allowed to make charitable contributions directly out of their Roth IRA or individual retirement accounts during a calendar year.

If you are over age 70 1/2, the federal government permits you to contribute directly to a charitable organization from your IRA account (up to $100,000.00) without incurring additional income tax or penalties on the contributed amount. 

This is a simple and easy way to contribute to Brophy and is a special opportunity for anyone with a positive tax consequence. If your IRA has increased in value over the years you may be in a situation where the required minimum distribution is actually more income than you need. The IRA rollover gift allows you to help a charitable organization while not increasing your taxable income.

If you are interested in donating to Brophy this way, check with your financial advisor to determine what amount is correct for you and request that amount be transferred to Brophy College Preparatory. It really is that easy.

We advise you to talk with your financial advisor to see if this method of making a donation is appropriate for you. We also would appreciate your sharing this information with other family members or friends who may qualify and have an interest in helping Brophy continue its mission of educating Men for Others.

Requirements for an

IRA Rollover Gift

  • You must be 70-1/2, or older
  • This offer applies only to those individuals who have traditional IRAs or Roth IRAs and not to other retirement plans such as 401(k) plans
  • The law requires that the rollovers be made directly by the IRA custodian to the qualified charity, therefore it does not apply to distributions from an IRA to an individual, who then writes a personal check to the charity

  • No charitable income tax deduction is allowed since no income is reported
If you have questions,
please contact Mrs. Jenny Lewis in the President's Office.
602-264-5291, ext. 6248