The buildings and grounds of Brophy Prep feature art that represents the sacred and the secular. Beautiful stained glass windows made painstakingly by hand in Ireland, carved wooden crucifixes from Europe and the Americas, oils, bronzes, steel and clay — almost every kind of material, formed by artists and craftspeople from around the world, can be found here. 

The oldest objects come from 15th Century France and Italy and represent the history of the Jesuits and the Catholic Church. The newest are testaments to the vibrant life of a school always at full throttle – musical mementos and playbills, statues that pay homage to sports and mascots, and rooms and hallways filled with art created by students.

Brophy is eternally grateful for the gifts of money, time and talent that have gone into creating the art of Brophy. Read more about the history of Brophy's art collection here.