THE BROPHY OFFICE OF EQUITY AND INCLUSION serves all students and families. It seeks to provide the leadership that ensures every community member is fully represented and that every community member has the resources necessary to grow in understanding of what it means to be inclusive, anti-racist and an ally in working toward equal justice for all.
Brophy represents a diverse community united in the core belief that loving acceptance, deep respect and equitable opportunity must be extended across all lines of race, religion, gender, and socio-economic circumstances. As we gain a broader awareness of those things that perpetuate antipathy toward that core belief, we have increased responsibility to teach, advocate and form partnerships that will counter those threats and help create a society free of barriers, bias and injustice.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion leadership invites you to contact them with questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Diversity at Brophy 2020-21

Students of color comprise 41% of the student body.*

Hispanic – 25%
Asian/Hawaiian/Pacific Islander – 7%
Two or more races –6%
African American – 3%
Native American – < 1%

*Grades 9–12
"Let us love not in word or speech, but in truth and action." ~ 1 John 3:18

Equity and Inclusion at Brophy

Equity and Inclusion Leadership

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  • > Brophy's Ignatian Identity

    Almost 500 years ago, when St. Ignatius of Loyola established the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), education quickly became a key focus of their ministry, with St. Ignatius believing that Jesuit schools should encompass “improvement in living and learning for the greater glory of God and the common good.” The Jesuits believed that there was no better way to change lives than to provide a stellar academic program rooted in faith, and thus they determined a Jesuit education would be available to all, regardless of socio-economic circumstances. Jesuits became missionaries — traveling to all parts of the world and establishing schools wherever they went. Today, there are approximately 850 Jesuit institutions worldwide.
    Brophy constantly seeks to be faithful to its Jesuit charism and Ignatian identity... 

    • through a need-blind admission process and a robust financial aid program; 
    • through the Office of Faith and Justice that is both the heart and hands of Ignatian action;
    • through Loyola Academy — an on-campus middle school for potential first-generation college students whose families live below the poverty level;
    • through the curriculum with courses such as the Romero Program;
    • through student and faculty advocacy for marginalized students and families;
    • and through programs such as Theology in the City, the annual two-week Summit on Human Dignity, and Ignatian Spirituality retreats for the parent and alumni community.
  • > A School and Family Partnership

    The support of parents and community members is imperative as we strive to educate our community on issues of equity and inclusion and ensure that all students and families are fully included in the Brophy experience. 

    Parents are the first, the most important, and the most influential teachers in their children's lives. Let's teach them to respect people of all races, cultures, gender or ability, and engage them in conversations that will help them to understand that discrimination of any kind is not acceptable.
  • > Student Spaces for Culture & Diversity

    Asian Culture Club
    Black Student Union
    Brophy Advocacy Club
    Brophy Culture Project
    Brophy Dignitea
    Hermanos Unidos de Brophy
    Indian Subcontinent Student Union
    Interfaith Coalition
    Jewish Student Union
    Middle Eastern Club
    Muslim Student Union
    Native American Club
    Samajang Pinoy Filipino Club
    Theater for Social Change
  • > Parent Groups for Culture & Diversity

  • > Readings and Resources

  • > Contact Us

    Contact Jonathan Londoño with questions or for more information.

    • Kendra Krause – Assistant Principal for Staff Development

    • Jonathan Londoño '10 – Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

    • Austin Pidgeon '08 – Dean of Students