Summit on Human Dignity 2019
The Search for Health: Dignifying the Body, Mind, and Spirit

A Forum to Examine and Address the Widespread Injustices
Related to Public Health in Light of the Gospel's
Call to Respect and Promote the Human Dignity of Each Person

February 25 - March 6, 2019

Read the Mission Statement here. Updates coming soon.

The Summit

Part of the transformational experience that is Jesuit education is to start young men and women on an early path to awareness of social issues and current affairs, and to teach them how to become advocates for social justice and positive change in the world. At Brophy, the annual Summit for Human Dignity (modeled after those most often seen at colleges and universities) highlights an issue that is particularly relevant and informs students on its nuances, as well as its social and political ramifications.

Brophy hopes to graduate young men of conscience, conviction and compassion who will one day use their voices, as well as their votes, to influence and effect beneficial change in the world for those most in need of justice and equality.

Summit on Human Dignity - Spring 2018
For Sale: The Commodification of the Human Person

A forum to examine and address the widespread injustices related to pornographic culture and media, sexual exploitation, criminal networks and habits that perpetuate the trafficking of human beings and enslavement of people by threat and economic imbalance in light of the Gospel's call to respect and promote the human dignity of each person..

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  • Mission Statement

    The curse of the many ways a human being can be unjustly treated as a commodity is still with us today. The slave trades of history have reached into our modern times with children, women and men living lives in forced labor, in the sex trade, and in bound servitude. They live in fear of terrifying repercussions if they do not put their bodies at the disposal of dark industries that satisfy the world’s appetite for sexual exploitation, submissive and cheap labor, and fantasies of control. It should not be difficult to conclude that this kind of evil has no place in our societies; however, according to A Global Report on Trafficking in Persons, a study published by the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime, nearly 25 million human beings are trapped in some form of modern-day slavery. Seventy-one percent of those trafficked are women and girls, and over five million persons are forced into the global sex trade, most of them children.

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